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recently as chair and president america of the national council of negro women. this morning, dr. height died at howard university hospital. she was 98 years old. lesli foster reports that dr. height lived her life with passion and commitment for a just society, and a vision of a better world [ applause ] >> reporter: wearing her trademark hat and pearls, dr. height was awarded the highest civilian honor, the congressional gold medal in 2004. >> dr. height's long extraordinary career, as a civil rights advocate has covered human rights from women's employment and educational advancement to antilynching. >> reporter: dr. height grew up in bitter and divisive times and yet she dedicated her life to bringing people together. >> america as defaulted on this prom story note. in so far as her citizens of color are concerned. >> reporter: she was a guiding force at the table when the big six planned a hiss tore march on washington in 1963, the lone woman at a table full of men. yet despite all of her efforts, height could not convince them that a woman should be allowed to speak at the podium t
of bake love bakery we see across the region and you are hear to talk about united cakes of america book and it is just that. >> yes, thank you. united cake of america is my second book and i'm very excited about it. it officially releases in may, that's around the corner. my first book signing locally will be on may first. i'm psyched about it. i love cake. i love talking about cake and sharing recipes. >> and spreading the love. 50 states and puerto rico. >> and district of columbia of course. >> can't forget us, right. >> you have recipes that are based on each cake. >> yes. and they celebrate the folklore, the traditions in each state. sometimes agricultural things that come from each state. we have a sweet potato cake with pecans for louisiana and the king cake of course for louisiana but i like to throw in things that are coming from inside of me. >> what are we doing today? i feel bad. i feel like andrea roane should be doing this interview. she's from louisiana. >> i want to keep it simple for you. i know you want to get in the kitchen and understand more of it. i want you to use
space center to outline his plan for the future of america's space exploration program. joel brown has a report from the white house. >> reporter: president obama headed to kennedy space center with new money and new plans for space exploration. some of those ideas will be a tough sell. >> this is a watershed moment for nasa. abrupt, dramatic departure from the past. >> reporter: the space shuttle program is coming to an end. the prosecution made that decision, to replace the shuttle president obama wants to tart to use private companies to flymen astronauts to and from the international space station. and he's cancelling plans to return to the moon. some former astronauts and nasa backers say the new proposal kills jobs and could end america's leadership in space. the obama administration says it actually means more new jobs and by using private companies astronauts will get more time in space, not less and the international space station will last longer. president bush had planned to send a mission to the moon in the new capsule called oryne. the president wants to speed up developm
pick up america yesterday. the group not only clears road sides and waterways of trash, but the group educates citizens about the dangers of littering. >> we picked up trash for 180 miles leaving a symbolically clean trail for the future. >> maryland is the starting point for their nationwide campaign. >>> federal, county and local agencies are teaming up to stress the safety along the potomac river. alex trevino takes a closer look at some of the risks. >> reporter: a perfect day for rock climbing in the potomac gorge or kayaking in one of america's favorite rivers, but that wasn't all the activity in the area. air support closed in and river rescuers were practicing saving lives to demonstrate the resources needed in a deadly predicament. >> in the summertime, on the weekends there are people up and down the trail. >> reporter: the goal is to increase safety on the river and eliminate accidental drowning. just last year, six persons lost their lives in this 14- mile stretch of the potomac from great falls to the key bridge. >> the river is deep. it's strong. it's treacherous and it
't sound like america's talk show queen. a new biography paint answer unflattering picture of oprah including a diva-like episode that occurred here in the district. we'll be right back. >>> a dc police officer is fine after a carjacking, but his service weapon is in the hands of criminals. this happened on monday night in east baltimore. the unidentified officer says a woman stepped in front of his car to get him to stop. and that's when a man pulled a gun and forced the officer out of the car. an 18-year-old woman has been arrested. the male suspect is still on the run. the officer's car was recovered but his service weapon is missing. >>> a carjacking in california has been caught on tape. adrienne braxton got out of her car to help a man who was in the street near los angeles. that's when a thief took off with braxton's car. braxton suffered three broken ribs and a sprained ankle trying to stop the robbery. we'd like for you to look at this video from tulsa, oklahoma. a burglar broke in to a pharmacy and brought a ladder. he hears sirens and tries to climb his way out through th
since the late 1920s. >> she planted the seeds of a movement that changed america. >> she understood, as one of the few leaders of her time or anytime did that women's rights and civil rights are indy visible. you can't say you are for one and not be for the other. we will have complete coverage of the funeral on 9 news now starting at 5:00. >>> today, a private tribute will be held for a murdered principal. brian betts was found dead two weeks ago today inside of his silver spring home. brian betts was a popular principal of shaw middle school in northwest washington. students, parents and staff will gather today to honor him. a public memorial is scheduled for this saturday. no arrests have been made in that case. >>> we have breaking news right now out of southeast washington, d.c. where a pedestrian was struck and killed. it happened this morning at first and m streets southeast. at this point, police are still on the scene trying to figure out what happened. we're told that the driver did not stop, however. no one has been charged as of yet. >>> first responders had to use the j
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by the consumer federation of america revealed that all although knowledge has improved many still remain misinformed and confused. why? not all credit scores are created equal. your credit score that three- digit number is a critical factor in a lender's decision to give you credit and at what interest rate. state department federal credit union recommends number one, be punctual. late or missed payments, foreclosures and bankruptcies have the greatest negative affect on your credit score. number two, check your credit report regularly. don't let inaccurate information ruin your credit score. number three, keep debt in check. try to keep your account balances below 50% of your credit limit. number 4, keep accounts open. time is one of the most significant factors that can improve your credit score. closing old accounts, especially ones with a good payment history, shortens your credit histories and lowers your scores. don't forget that a clean credit history will boost all your credit scores. that's all the time we have for this episode of your financial statement. for more financial
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